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Tire Rotations: Why Are They Important?

Rotating your tires is an important and, more often than not, overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance. Between keeping up with everything else, it may be forgotten in the process. But just why simple step so important?

Everyone knows your tires eventually wear out over time as you drive on them. Its common sense that friction from the blacktop is going to wear your tires over time, leading you to replace them. But if there was a way to delay this process, and possibly save some money, wouldn't you do it?

This is exactly why rotating your tires is important. Simply by switching tires from one spot to another, you can avoid uneven wear between the back and front tires, or from one side to another. Simply doing this can tack thousands of extra miles onto the lifespan of your current tires, saving you time and money when you may need it most.

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