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Cool Off Your Cabin and Beat the Summer Heat

Climbing into a boiling hot car cabin in the middle of the summer is one of our least favorite parts of this season but, with a couple simple steps, you can significantly reduce the heat. We here at Napleton Lincoln in Glenview have three methods for you on how to get rid of the heat, so check it out and start feeling cooler.

If your steering wheel is too hot to touch, you can prevent that from happening next time you park by simply turning the wheel upside down! If your gear shift is too hot as well, just slide a drink koozie over it and never get burned by it again. Finally, you can push a lot of the hot air out of the cabin by opening the windows on one side of the vehicle and then fanning a door open and closed several times on the other side. While it won't be 100% cool in there, it will be considerably more tolerable.

If you need a vehicle of your own to try these methods on, maybe one of our new Lincoln models will do the trick! With so many to choose from here at our Glenview, IL dealership, your only problem will be deciding which one you love the most.

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