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Have A Kit Handy for Roadside Emergencies

In the Glenview area, taking a drive is usually painless and safe for most motorists on the roads and highways. However, every driver should still have these important items in the vehicle in case of unpredictable roadside emergencies:

  • Flares - These are useful to alert other cars to an oncoming vehicle that is stalled. They will also help in getting cars to reduce speed.
  • Driver's manual - The car manufacturer's manual is helpful in identifying what specific warning lights mean. Tire and oil specifications are also included so that quick repairs can be done if needed.
  • Mobile phone - Getting in touch with emergency workers and/or towing is a lot easier with mobile communication. Prepaid phones can be placed in the glove compartment or first aid kit.

Having these tools at your disposal during an emergency will turn bad events into painless relief that is easy to fix. However, your car should still have checkups on its parts for added benefit. Come over to our service center at Napleton Lincoln in Glenview if you know that your vehicle has not been serviced in a long time. Remember, prevention is the key to responsible driving!

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