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The Pros and Cons of Full-Size vs. Compact Temporary Spare Tires

Did you know that you could use a compact temporary spare tire or a full-size spare tire in the case of an emergency? When you think of a spare tire, you might only imagine the "donut" tire that can be stored in the trunk, but you have multiple options, and there are pros and cons to both.

The benefit to a compact temporary is that it is smaller and lighter than a full-size, but it is also only intended to be used long enough to get you to the repair shop. The benefit of a full-size spare tire is that, in the event of a flat tire, it can be used indefinitely. The con is that it is heavier and takes more space than a compact.

Are you in need of a new spare tire? Come to Napleton Lincoln in Glenview in Glenview, IL, and we'll be glad to have a chat with you about your options.

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