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The Correct Way to Jump-Starting Any Car

Getting in the car only to find that your battery is dead is a big inconvenience, but knowing how to correctly jump-start your batter can help. Here are some steps to help you correctly start your car battery.

  • In order to have your car jump-started, you will need to have a running car drive nose-to-nose to the car with the dead battery.
  • Turn the engine off, open the car hoods, and grab those jumper cables.
  • Pay close attention to the colors of the cables, there should be two red and two black clamps.
  • The one red goes on the positive terminal of the good battery first, then the other red cable to the positive on the dead battery.
  • Next, you'll place one of the black cables on negative of the good battery, then the last black clamp to bare metal on the car getting the jump to avoid sparks.
  • Crank over the engine, then just wait for the charge to transfer, now try to start your car.

Visit our service center at Napleton Lincoln in Glenview when you get the car running so we can inspect and test it further for you and replace if necessary.


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