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Why is Your Tire Pressure Light On?

Is your tire pressure light on? Are you wondering what's happening? First of all, don't panic! Tire pressure lights can become illuminated for a number of reasons. They aren't all bad! Sometimes, a tire pressure light can come on because of a change in weather. Other times, it has to do with the air in your tires.

As you drive, air naturally comes out of your tires. This is usually a very small amount; however, if an unusual amount of air comes out of your tires, especially due to a tear or leak, your light will come on. This lets you know it's time to have your tire checked.

If you're wondering whether you need to have your tire patched or replaced, come visit us today. In our service center at Napleton Lincoln in Glenview, we're always happy to help answer your tire-related questions.

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