The Advanced Cameras of the 2018 Lincoln MKX

Keep track of all the obstacles around you in the 2018 Lincoln MKX. You can get this popular crossover with a robust camera system that has every angle covered.

In addition to the standard rearview camera, the MKX is available with a 360-degree system. It uses four cameras placed on the front, rear, and sides to create a unique view of your surroundings. 

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Explore the Lincoln MKZ in Glenview

The Lincoln MKZ is a popular luxury mid-size sedan. It has plenty of high-tech features built into it, including the proprietary Lincoln Way app. Just download the app to your smartphone, and you can use to find a parking spot for your car, prepay for parking and lock, unlock or start your car remotely.

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The Lincoln MKT Offers a Smooth Ride

The Lincoln MKT is among the most popular vehicles in its class because it puts you in control. You can choose to drive your vehicle in either sport, comfort or normal mode. In addition to a variable suspension that adjusts to road conditions, you can also take advantage of the electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system.

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Augment Luxury with Lincoln Continental's Technology

No vehicle is complete these days without outstanding technological features, especially a popular luxury car like the Lincoln Continental. Just like many of the other features drivers have come to expect in this high-end vehicle, you'll get the best of the best when it comes to connectivity and other conveniences.

Responsive voice-activated technology is yours with the Sync 3 system, which also has a sleep interface that allows easy connection to your smartphone. 

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Why is Your Tire Pressure Light On?

Is your tire pressure light on? Are you wondering what's happening? First of all, don't panic! Tire pressure lights can become illuminated for a number of reasons. They aren't all bad! Sometimes, a tire pressure light can come on because of a change in weather. Other times, it has to do with the air in your tires.

As you drive, air naturally comes out of your tires.

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The Correct Way to Jump-Starting Any Car

Getting in the car only to find that your battery is dead is a big inconvenience, but knowing how to correctly jump-start your batter can help. Here are some steps to help you correctly start your car battery.

  • In order to have your car jump-started, you will need to have a running car drive nose-to-nose to the car with the dead battery.
  • Turn the engine off, open the car hoods, and grab those jumper cables.
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Lincoln MKC Design Features to Delight Your Senses

Lincoln originally introduced the MKC at an auto show in 2013. This compact premium crossover SUV remains a popular choice due in part to its roominess and luxury. Lincoln includes many design features in the new Lincoln MKC model range. Among them are ambient lighting and auto folding power mirrors.

If you're ready to choose a different interior lighting, simply decide on one that suits your mood. The lighting is visible from the front cupholder console, front and rear footwells, door-release handles, and the storage pockets on the front door. You're offered seven color options. 

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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Will Perform in a Way that Excites You

You are ready to find a car that will get you excited about the driving that you do in Glenview, IL and beyond. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a popular mid size luxury sedan, and it is a car that the Napleton Lincoln in Glenview sales team believes that you will love to drive!

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid features available adaptive cruise control. This is something that will look to traffic in front of you and slow down your vehicle if that traffic is going to get in your way. This vehicle also features adaptive suspension. 

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Ignitions and High-Quality Service

The greatest and safest drivers in the world also happen to be the most prudent ones. They're the people who keep their brakes effective. They're the ones who keep their ignitions in amazing working order as well.

Ignition problems can bring on many diverse issues for drivers. If you detect trouble with your ignition, coil breakdown could be the culprit. 

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Put Pleasure Back into Your Ride with the Lincoln MKX

Living up to its manufacturer’s reputation for luxurious engineering, the Lincoln MKX surrounds you with the premium materials, high-quality craftsmanship and advanced engineering. It puts pleasure into every drive through technology features.

Your well-appointed cabin becomes a private concert hall with the superb sound quality produced by QuantumLogic® Surround Sound technology and the positioning of tweeter and mid-range speakers closer together. 

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